A Brief History of The Belknap White Group--Distributors of Fine Floors

Our growth has been, and continues to be, a positive and fulfilling journey that never fails to inspire us to be the best that we can be.

 In the beginning…

 Antonio Mancini, in 1959, purchased his first distribution business called Providence Beverage Company. The 60’s and 70’s resulted in incredible growth for the Mancini family’s beverage distribution businesses and by the early 80’s, they were ready to pursue diversification, by adding to their portfolio of businesses so they moved into the floor covering distribution industry.

 Our evolution in the flooring distribution business has grown through acquisition, expansion and smart business decisions. By having the right people, the right products and the right customers, we have grown into one of the leading flooring distributors in our region.

 The Mancini Family has been able to achieve a first class reputation, by having both the people and financial resources required to manage top performing businesses for vendors, customers and employees alike. We are striving to be the best and hope that our employees, customers and vendors grow with us.