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The Belknap White Group Directory
Ext Name Position Email
1236 Raymond Mancini, Jr. President raymond.mancini@belknapwhite.com
1254 Paul Castagliuolo Exec. V.P., General Manager paul.castagliuolo@belknapwhite.com
1230 Joe O'Keefe Human Resources Manager joe.okeefe@belknapwhite.com
1237 Debbie Morrocco Human Resources Payroll debbie.morrocco@belknapwhite.com
1235 Gary Doster Controller gary.doster@belknapwhite.com
1245 Joy Anderson Staff Accountant joy.anderson@belknapwhite.com
1240 Kim Eddy Accounts Payable kim.eddy@belknapwhite.com
1226 Holli Keough Accounts Payable holli.keough@belknapwhite.com
1552 Laurel Howes Accounts Payable laurel.howes@belknapwhite.com
1228 Cory Kussmaul Accounts Receivable cory.kussmaul@belknapwhite.com
1220 Keri Morin Accounts Receivable keri.morin@belknapwhite.com
1217 Joe Orsi Credit Manager joe.orsi@belknapwhite.com
1218 Donna Cappello Credit & Collections--MA donna.cappello@belknapwhite.com
1243 Linda Doran Credit & Collections--CT, ME, NH, RI linda.doran@belknapwhite.com
6691 Steve Milliken Credit & Collections--NY, VT steve.milliken@belknapwhite.com
Customer Service
1203 Pam Corneau Customer Service Manager pam.corneau@belknapwhite.com
1208 Lisa Dennis Customer Service Ceramic Lisa.dennis@belknapwhite.com
2213 Lisa Dill Cust. Svc./Showroom Sales Woburn Lisa.dill@belknapwhite.com
1219 Leslie Corneau Customer Svc. Problem Solver  leslie.corneau@belknapwhite.com
3250 Margaret Cross Customer Service Agent Wood margaret.cross@belknapwhite.com
1247 Cheryl Mallard Customer Service Agent Traditional cheryl.mallard@belknapwhite.com
1270 Fran Medeiros Cust. Svc./Problem Solver Ceramic fran.medeiros@belknapwhite.com
1212 Pamela Mount Customer Service Agent Traditional pamela.mount@belknapwhite.com
2404 Joanne Saltmarsh Cust. Svc./Showroom Sales Avon joanne.saltmarsh@belknapwhite.com
1206 Jacki Titus Customer Service Agent Traditional jacki.tutus@belknapwhite.com
2103 Darlene Silva Customer Service Ceramic darlene.silva@belknapwhite.com
1401 Brenda Tynan Receptionist brenda.tynan@belknapwhite.com
    Information Technology
2400 Ed Murphy Systems Manager ed.murphy@belknapwhite.com
1273 Mike Crosby IT Dept mike.crosby@belknapwhite.com
1229 Pauline Mayette IT Dept pauline.mayette@belknapwhite.com
1221 Carol Salisbury Data Entry Specialist carol.salisbury@belknapwhite.com
Logistics & Warehouse   
1231 Steve Mancini Vice President Logistics steve.mancini@belknapwhite.com
1239 Peggy Barnett Inventory Manager peggy.barnett@belknapwhite.com
3239 Frank Dwyer Logistics Manager, Albany frank.dwyer@belknapwhite.com
1232 Jim Gingras Transportation Manager, Mansfield jim.gingras@belknapwhite.com
3255 Richie Holmes Warehouse Manager, Albany (night)  
1238 John Kussmaul Will Call Coordinator john.kussmaul@belknapwhite.com
1214 Bill Caliri Purchasing Agent Ceramic/Wood bill.caliri@belknapwhite.com
1233 Linda Nuzzo Purch. Agent Carpet/Truckload Specialist linda.nuzzo@belknapwhite.com
1225 Earl Salisbury Purchasing Agent Armstrong earl.salisbury@belknapwhite.com
1267 Bill Prescott Exec. Vice President Sales bill.prescott@belknapwhite.com
2402 Neal Coughlin Regional Vice President Wood Sales New England neal.coughlin@belknapwhite.com
3223 Rich Vanbuskirk Regional Vice President Sales Upstate NY, and New England rich.vanbuskirk@belknapwhite.com
6689 Dan Doyle Vice President Branch Sales dan.doyle@belknapwhite.com
7908 Craig McLean Vice President Ceramic Division craig.mclean@belknapwhite.com
7918 Paul Allen Sales UHD NH, VT paul.allen@belknapwhite.com
7906 Vinny LaGrega Ceramic Sales NY Borroughs  vinnie.lagrega@belknapwhite.com
7909 David Borges Sales NH, Northshore MA david.borges@belknapwhite.com
7902 Amy Brueno Sales CT, MA, NH amy.brueno@belknapwhite.com
7901 Aaron Cole Sales ME, NH aaron.cole@belknapwhite.com
1643 Dan Rohan Commercial Sales New York dan.rohan@belknapwhite.com
7917 Mike Duval Sales UHD Northshore MA mike.duval@belknapwhite.com
2202 Jane Edgerton Sales Ceramic jane.edgerton@belknapwhite.com
6648 Tim Figlioli Sales North Shore MA tim.figlioli@belknapwhite.com
1694 Don Hartley Sales Ceramic Northshore, Southshore MA don.hartley@belknapwhite.com
1697 Ron Heske Sales CT, Hudson Valley NY ron.heske@belknapwhite.com
7929 Steve Hilton Sales CPI steve.hilton@belknapwhite.com
7903 Barry Katz Sales UHD Southshore MA, RI barry.katz@belknapwhite.com
1614 Harry Lentz Architectural Specifier NY harry.lentz@belknapwhite.com
1652 Jon Peryer Sales Northern NY, VT jon.peryer@belknapwhite.com
7920 JohnDeBaun Sales Ceramic NJ john.debaun@belknapwhite.com
6930 Rick Thompson Sales Buffalo NY rick.thompson@belknapwhite.com
2406 Tony Scuderi Sales RI, MA tony.scuderi@belknapwhite.com
1631 Pete Sorel Sales Southeastern NY peter.sorel@belknapwhite.com
7910 Dave Sullivan Sales UHD MA dave.sullivan@belknapwhite.com
1646 Janice Vitberg Sales Rochester NY janice.vitberg@belknapwhite.com
7905 Bob Wainman, Jr. Sales Ceramic, CT bob.wainman@belknapwhite.com
7913 George Yaghy Sales Ceramic,Eastern NY george.yaghy@udtg.com
4119 Ann Finch Sales Ceramic,Western NY ann.finch@udtg.com
1630 Gary Weaver Sales Northeastern NY gary.weaver@belknapwhite.com
7907 Bryan White Commercial Sales New England bryan.white@belknapwhite.com
Sales Administration
3222 Rosie Villano Administration Manager rosie.villano@belknapwhite.com
7915 Stephanie Betro Commercial Admin. Assistant stephanie.betro@belknapwhite.com
1215 Jen Foss Inventory Analyst / CPI Purchasing jenifer.foss@belknapwhite.com
1658 Stephanie Kieran Administration Hardwood stephanie.kieran@belknapwhite.com
3256 Maryann Rouse Claims Administrator maryann.rouse@belknapwhite.com


The Belknap White Group Branch Locations

United Distributors Tile Group Logo

CPI Logo

    Avon Branch 888-508-0679
UDTG     UHD     CPI

Ext Name Position Email
2301 Shawn Miranda Branch Manager CPI shawn.miranda@cpisupply.net
2101 Bruce Marqus Branch Manager UDTG bruce.marqus@belknapwhite.com
2104 Dave Bonni Warehouse dave.bonni@belknapwhite.com
2404 Joanne Saltmarsh Cust. Svc./Showroom Sales joanne.saltmarsh@belknapwhite.com
2109 Derek Carvalho Warehouse derek.carvalho@belknapwhite.com
2302 Front Counter    

    Albany Branch 888-508-0676

2321 Bob Blatt Branch Manager CPI bob.blatt@belknapwhite.com

    Hartford, CT Branch 888-508-0638

2002 Kit Hpffman Ceramic Customer Service kit.hoffman@belknapwhite.com
2001 Justin Costick Customer Service justin.costick@belknapwhite.com
2331 Eric Coviello Branch Manager CPI eric.coviello@belknapwhite.com

Manchester, NH Branch 603-518-5230

1660 Kevin Smith Branch Manager kevin.smith@belknapwhite.com

Mansfield, MA Branch 866-298-0708

2311 Will Ison Branch Manager will.ison@belknapwhite.com
2313 Front Counter    

Rochester, NY Branch 585-527-9340

7806 Randy Rindell Branch Manager randy.rindell@belknapwhite.com
7807  Charles Roselle Warehouse/Customer Service  

    Woburn Branch 800-272-6540

6689 Dan Doyle VP Branch Operation dan.doyle@belknapwhite.com
2219 Jim McLean CPI Manager jim.mclean@belknapwhite.com
2213  Lisa Dill Cust. Svc./Showroom Sales  lisa.dill@belknapwhite.com
6696 Jeff Buggea Branch manage jeff.buggea@belknapwhite.com
6698 Jeremy Buggea Warehouse jeremy.buggea@belknapwhite.com
2210  Tony Polk  Warehouse/Will Call  tony.polk@udtg.com

Patriot Flooring Supply

973-616-5470 Pompton Plains, NJ
978-988-5877 Wilmington, MA


Patriot Corporate and Operations
6641 Sean Connolly Sales Manager Patriot South sconnolly@patriothardwood.com
6643 Lilla Bleeker Purchasing Manager lbleeker@patriothardwood.com
6653 Kim Redl Purchasing Pompton Plains kredl@patriothardwood.com
6697 Davy Buggea Warehouse Manger Woburn dbuggea@patriothardwood.com
6685 Brad Fye Operations Manager Pompton Plains bfye@patriothardwood.com
6650 Rob Bettino Warehouse Pompton Plains rbettino@patriothardwood.com
6652 Bill Luke Warehouse Pompton Plains bluke@patriothardwood.com
8530 Joe Corra Sales Southern NY jcorra@patriothardwood.com
8532 Mike Kitson Sales Connecticut mkitson@patriothardwood.com
8534 Joe Pulsonetti Sales Queens, Brooklyn jpulsonetti@patriothardwood.com
  Jeff Swedelson Sales Long Island jswedelson@patriothardwood.com
8538 Cliff Schauble Sales Central NJ, Staten Island cschauble@patriothardwood.com
8533 Steve O'Neill Sales New York City soneill@patriothardwood.com
  Tom Garvey Sales Southern NJ tgarvey@patriothardwood.com
6693 Rob Toner Sales Boston rtoner@patriothardwood.com
Customer Service
6660 Chris Ichinco Customer Service Manager cichinco@patriothardwood.com
6661 Bryan Goldsmith Customer Service Pompton Plains bgoldsmith@patriothardwood.com
6663 Teri Sangis Customer Service Pompton Plains sangis@patriothardwood.com
6665 Gail Lodi Customer Service Pompton Plains glodi@patriothardwood.com
6651 Jay Dannunzio Customer Service Pompton Plains jannunzio@patriothardwood.com
6664 Arlene Czop Customer Service Pompton Plains aczop@patriothardwood.com
6644 Marisa Miraglia Credit Pompton Plains mmiraglia@patriothardwood.com
Pro Shop Pompton Plains
6647 Sam Safar Pro Shop Manager ssafar@patriothardwood.com
6646 Pro Shop Counter