February 2018


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The Mancini family invests in the family owned JJ Haines Company, marking an important partnership in flooring distribution along the eastern coast of the continental US.

June 2017


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Belknap acquires Alcco Flooring, one of the most significant of the 13 acquisitions in the history of the company, showing that the company could expand outside of the New England territory.


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Paul Castagliuolo is named President and Raymond Mancini, Jr. is named CEO, bolstering Belknap’s commitment to depth in leadership.


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Belknap purchases Patriot Hardwood, expanding the territory to include New England, New York, and New Jersey, creating one of the largest flooring distributors in America.


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Raymond Mancini, Jr. becomes President of Belknap, the third generation of Mancini family leadership.


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Belknap moves to Mansfield, MA, establishing its headquarters in a former Nissan distribution operation. The new location allows for a much larger footprint to be serviced from the facility.


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Ray Mancini, Sr. diversifies into flooring distribution with the purchase of Ballou Johnson Nichols, an Armstrong distributor.