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In an effort to better engage and inform architects, designers and specifiers about flooring industry products and applications, The Belknap White Group has partnered with select manufacturer partners to provide educational courses for continuing education credits.
All courses are offered at no cost. Contact us below to set up your next CEU!

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Ceramic CEUs

Ceramic Tile – What it is and what you can do with it
Porcelain Pavers: The outdoor design solution
Porcelain Tile manufacturing and sustainable practices


Porcelain tile panels: technology & application
Porcelain Tile panels: Specification and use
Glass tile Installations
Design Evolution: How porcelain revolutionizes the countertop world
Specification of Tile (AIA)

Resilient CEUs


Problems and Solutions for moisture issues in concrete

Hardwood CEUs

Designing Sustainably with Hardwood Flooring

Ceramic Supplies CEUs


Challenges & solutions for today’s ceramic tile and stone installations
The Uncoupling principle
Maximizing tile installation with trim profiles
Design 101: Designing with profiles


Tile and stone installation materials and methods
Grout for tile and stone
Ceramic tile and stone trouble shooting
Sustainability in tile and stone installations

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