American Olean Introduces Color Story™

BWG News   •   May 18, 2021

American Olean is streamlining the three existing wall tile collections of Bright & Matte, Bright & Matte Profiles and Urban Canvas into the NEW Color Story™ Wall Collection.

We are excited for the launch of this new collection that will offer 32 color options in on-trend wall tile formats!

The NEW Color Story™ collection offers more size and color options in popular formats such as 3”x6”, 2”x8” and 4”x12”. The new sizes being introduced with Color Story are the 4”x16” and the larger format 8”x24”.

The colors in this collection are divided into four categories: Neutral, Neutral+, Vibrant and Vibrant+. The Neutral colors include eight options in four neutral tones that range from white to black and are available in matte or gloss finish. The Neutrals also include four colors which remain from the previous collection: Ice White 0025, Designer White 0062, Black 0049 and Matte Black 0064. The Neutral+ colors are four trendy grays in matte and gloss finish.

The Vibrant and Vibrant+ groups are comprised of 16 different colors and are only available in gloss finish. Four bright colors from the previous Bright & Matte collection are transitioning to Color Story™ : Lemon Zest 0075, Mandarin 0077, Green Apple 0076 and Peacock 0076.


The Color Story™ Mosaic collection is a glazed ceramic available in matte and glossy finish, suitable for floor or wall applications and is made in the USA. The Mosaic collection coordinates with Color Story™ Wall offering five of the neutral colors in gloss & matte finish and five of the vibrant colors in gloss finish.

The patterns range from a simple 2”x2” to a more graphic 2”x3” cube pattern. Multiple shapes and sizes make Color Story™ Mosaics an eye-catching addition to commercial and residential spaces.

Custom pattern and blend options are available in 1.5” hexagon, 2”x3” harlequin, 2”x2” and 2”x3” cube on a made to order basis.