BWG News   •   February 25, 2018


MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS – The Belknap White Group (BWG), one of America’s leading full-service flooring distributors, has announced it will be marketing and selling the comprehensive GRAF PLATINUM PREFINISHED HARDWOOD® Collection.

BWG will showcase Graf’s PLATINUM PREFINISHED HARDWOOD® COLLECTION product line throughout all six New England states, New York and New Jersey. “We are excited about the opportunity to build our relationship with Graf Brothers Flooring and Lumber,” said Sean Connolly, BWG Regional Vice President, Sales. “Graf offers us quality products that fit some specific needs for style, design and value. Graf produces exceptional quality hardwood, specializing in rift and quartered product.”

Graf’s prefinished line is available in 12 colors of rift and quartered white oak with a 5/8” engineered construction and a 4mm wear layer. The plywood-like construction of this engineered floor gives it more dimensional stability than traditional solid wood flooring; a great choice for geographical areas that may be humid or experience significant climate swings.  The flooring is UV Cured, making the finish more durable and scratch resistant. This UV curing process allows Graf to apply six coatings of finish in an efficient time frame to allow the wood to dry to its hardest degree before installation.

The finish is low gloss with the appearance of an oil finish. However, the UV finish offers lower maintenance and is more durable than MOST oil-based finishes.  Lower gloss levels are a better choice when it comes to hiding the appearance of minor surface scratches that can occur with everyday wear.