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BWG Job Quote
Daily Sales


Login to Daily Sales and BWG Job Quote

-To login use: https://bwg.quickbase.com/db/main?a=signin

-To go to “Daily Sales” you can click the app or you should receive an automated email with your daily sales that you can click through to get to Quickbase.

-To get to “BWG Job Quote” login and open the app.

BWG Job Quote

BWG Job Quote Homepage

-Click “BWG Job Quote” to open the application.

-The homepage will display all possible filters.

-Sales Managers will have a slightly different Dashboard.


Icon Definitions

               Home is the main button.  Use this to get back to the job quote homepage.  You can use any of the reports here including the “Executive Dashboard.”

           A job quote defines an opportunity.  Job Quotes will allow you to filter through all job quotes in the system and add a new job quote.

         A dealer quote is the actual quote to our customer.  Quoted Dealers will allow you to filter through all the dealer quotes associated to a job quote.

             These are all architecture and design firms.  A&D Firms will allow you to filter through all the firms in the system and add a new firm.

     These are the customer accounts in Dancik.  Customer Accounts will allow you to filter through all the accounts in the system.

        These are the new prospects.  When an account is new and not a true customer yet, you can add the prospect here to track calls.

            A call report is a note for a specific account and/or contact.  Call Reports will allow you to filter through all call reports in the system and add a new call report.

           Dancik Sales will allow a user to see the total sales for a rep over a period of time.  These are the total order sales associated to a job quote in the system.

 Quoted architect budget prices are sent to architects and designers to give a rough idea of the price for the material.  Quoted Architect Budget Prices Home will allow you to filter through budget prices added to the system and add a new one.

       These are Architects and Designers only.  Architect Contacts will allow you to filter through all contacts in the system and add a new contact.

          Status Updates will allow you to filter through all status updates made in the system over a period of time.

  Sample Library Catalogue Home allows you to filter through and add sample library entries.  This allows you to record what samples are with a specific firm.  (NOT N/EEDED?)

     This is used to record what samples are with each specific firm.  Sample Placements allows you to filter through all items in the system and add a new placement.

Any other icons not displayed here can be ignored.  They are for administrative purposes only.

Look Up Firm

-To search for an Architecture and Design “A&D Firm” in our system select .

-Use the “+New A&D Firm” button in the top right to add a new firm.

-Use the “State” filters, or search box to find a specific firm.

-Click on a specific firm to jump to the detail page or one of the underlined items to jump to recent job quotes attached to the firm, or contacts associated to the firm.

-You can edit the firm using the “Edit” button in the top right, add a “Call Report” to the firm, or add an “Architecture Contact” to the firm.

Look Up Customer Account

-To search for a “Customer Account” in our system select  .

-Use the filters on the left, or search box to find a specific account.

-Click on a specific account to jump to the detail page or click one of the underlined Number of Dealer Quotes for Customer Account to jump to recent dealer quotes.

-You can add a “Call Report” to the account, or add a “Customer Account Contact” to the account.

Look Up Prospect

-Select Prospects by selecting   in the top bar.

-Scroll down to view the Prospects.

-Use the column titles to filter the records by clicking on the title.

Add a Prospect

-To add a new Prospect select the “+New Prospect” button in the top right corner.

-Add the business name, Main Contact, Main Contact Email, Phone, and Address.

-Select ”Save and Close”

-You can add call reports to the Prospects by selecting “Add Call Report.”

-If the Prospect becomes a customer, let Steph Betro know, and she’ll move the Prospectinformation over to the Customer Accounts section.

-Customer Accounts are a reflection of Dancik and cannot be edited. Any new Prospects should be added to the Prospects Section, until the business becomes a customer.

Search Call Reports

-You may want to search through your ”Call Reports” from time to time.

-You can select “Call Reports” at the top, .

-Use the filters to the left, or the search bar at the top, to find a specific “Call Report.”

-Alternatively select an “A&D Firm”, ”Customer Account”, or “Prospect” and browse the recent call reports for the individual item.

Create Call Report

-A Call Report is a note attached to an “A&D Firm”, ”Customer Account,” or ”Prospect.”
-To create a “Call Report” go to “Call Reports” by selecting  and selecting “+New Call Report.”   “Call Reports” should be assigned to a specific “A&D Firm,” “Customer Account” or “Prospect.”

-You can also create a “Call Report” by going to a specific firm, customer, or prospect and selecting “Add Call Report.”  This will pre-populate some fields for you.

-Enter the A&D Firm, Customer Account, or Prospect.

-Select the Main Purposes of the call from the multiselect drop down.

-Enter the Call Report Entry notes if needed.

-Leave the date as the default.

-Enter a follow up date and set the reminder check box, if you’d like an email reminder.

-Click “Save & Close”.

Job Quote Definitions

-A job quote is made up of many parts:

     -There is the Job Identification, Job Value, Winning Customer Accounts, General Account Information, and Our Project Specific Results where information about the project is entered.
     -The Status Update which represents the running list of updates for through the lifecycle of the Job Quote.
     -The Architecture Budgets where the A&D rep will enter the budget information for the architect.
     -The Quoted Dealer where the sales rep will enter the quoted information for the customer and “send” the job job quote.
     -The Dancik Sales where the order is attached to the Job Quote.

Search Jobs

-Select the “Job Quotes” icon at the top.  (Alternatively you can use one of the filters on the Homepage, or enter a JQ number to go to the Job Quote Directly.)

-Filter this page of “Job Quotes”, by using the filters on the left, or typing keywords into the search at the top.  Filter by “I am involved in this job” as “Yes” to see all of your jobs.)

-Click on a specific “Job Quote” to open it, or click “+New Job Quote” to create a new Job Quote.

-Click on any of the blue underlined items, to jump to the information about that item including adding a “Status Update” to a job.

-You can edit all information in your “Job Quote,” by selecting “Edit” in the top right corner.

Create a New Job Quote

-To create a new “Job Quote” select “Add a new Job or Quote” or “+New Job Quote” in the top right corner.
Be sure to search through existing Job Quotes first to avoid creating a duplicate.

-Enter the Job Details.
The required fields are “Project Name”, (this should be an address or name of the institution), “Project Location” both city and state, the channel and the “Estimated Job Value.”
If you’re entering a job on behalf of someone else, select the person’s name “Originated By (Manual Override).”  Otherwise this will default to your name.
Enter any other details you may have.

-Enter the A&D firm associated to the project, if applicable.

-Enter the General Contractor associated to the project, if applicable. Save

-Enter any project specific information for our internal use such as an estimated date for “Projected Order Date.”

-When done click “Save & Close.”

Once created, the Job Quote will be assigned a JQ number.  This will become the main way to track this opportunity through the process from specification to order.  Users will add “Status Updates,” “Architectural Quotes,” “Quoted Dealers,” and “Orders” associated to the JQ number.  Click the item to “Edit.”

Status Update

-On the Job Quote select ”Add Status Update.”

-Fill in the necessary information including the note entry and date if you’d like a follow upemail.

-Select ”Save and Close.”

-On your job quote you’ll be able to push your Status Update to a Call Report to connect your status update to your Call Reports.

Architect Budget Price

-On the Job Quote select “Add Quoted Architect Budget Price.”

-Select a manufacturer code for the product you’re quoting, and select the product from the drop down or add product from the free form entry.

-Add the price, unit of measure, area in Square feet, comments, and if you have an alternate or competitor.

-Select ”Save and Close.”

Quoted Dealer

-On a Job Quote, select “Add Quoted Dealer.”

-Select the Customer Account you will be quoting, and add a Contact if you have one.

-Select ”Save and Close”

-Select “Add Quote Product” or select ”Add 5 Quote Product Lines” if you have multiple products.

-Add the Manufacturer’s Code and the Quoted Product by using the search or the free form entry. add the Price, Unit of Measure, and Area for the quote.

-Account Notes are visible to the Customer, and Internal Notes, are only visible to BWG employees.

-Select ”Save and Close”

-Finally use the “Display Dealer Quote Form” to view the Quote, the “Copy this Quoted Dealer” to copy the quote for another customer, or the “email this Dealer Quote to me” to email the dealer quote to yourself and forward it on to the customer.

Quoted Dealer cont.

-Remember to tell your customer to always provide the JQ number when they call in a job to honor the special pricing in the quote.

Executive Dashboard

-On the Homepage, click the “Executive Dashboard” link to the left.

-Click the filters on the bottom to filter through the dashboards.

-Click the button above the chart, or click on the chart, to get to specific quotes.

-These boards are used by management to view the pipeline of projects coming in, as well as to filter through passed projects.  It can be a useful tool to sift through information visually.

Daily Sales

Daily Sales

-You should have a summary of all of your “Daily Sales”.

-Items will be flagged with a low Gross Profit: .

Any items that look strange should be reported to customer service by 4pm the next day.  In addition, if a sale should have a “Job Quote” attached, it should also be reported to customer service.  If an item needs a price change this should be forwarded to a product manager for approval, along with the product administrator who can make the system update.

Email a Record

-To email a record, click on an item, and click email in the top right corner.

-Add the email address you would like to send to in the “Enter email addresses” section.  You can add multiple emails by adding a semi colon (;).

-Click “Send Email” in the top right corner.

You can test this by using your own email address.