Ray Mancini

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Owner   

Raymond Mancini, Jr., Ray, is the CEO of the Belknap White Group and its 4 divisions. He is a third generation principal of the family-owned-and-operated Mancini Companies, of which Belknap is an important part.  He graduated Boston College with a degree in Finance in 1984 and later attended Bryant University where he earned a Masters in Business Administration degree in 1992. Early on he worked in his family’s beverage distribution business, where he became responsible for operations.  However, in 1996 he moved over to Belknap, the other arm of the Mancini family of businesses, working with the sales team.  In 2002, he became president of the company until 2016 when he was able to shed many of his operating responsibilities to focus full time as CEO.  As CEO of The Belknap White Group, Ray is responsible for the long term growth of the flooring division.  He lives with his wife Carlene and their two children in Cranston, Rhode Island. His favorite hobbies include golf, poker, chess, and cooking.