Trendy Tuesday – Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (GPTP)

BWG News   •   March 3, 2020

Trendy Tuesday – The introduction of Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (GPTP’s) has revolutionized the tile & stone industry. GPTP’s are large format materials – measuring 40″x40″ or greater, that come in varying thicknesses determined by the application. They are being used in both commercial & residential applications – in interiors on floors and walls – and on exteriors as facades. With the more recent introductions of thicker options, GPTP’s are also now being used as outdoors pavers for walkways, patios and driveways; and more recently, to craft custom furniture & other accessories like tabletops and cabinets.

Advancements in the manufacturing process have allowed these slabs to be installed with minimal grout width and the ability to retrofit or install over existing surfaces, making them an attractive option for Architects & Designers where “high-performance” is requested – like wet-area applications and high-end projects. Manufacturer’s like Crossville  (available throughout much of BWG’s footprint) have seen tremendous growth in the past 8 years on their panel lines as these now mainstream products and are being embraced by the A&D community for residential applications. They are also becoming popular options for countertops over natural stone and quartz because of the lack of fabrication necessary to finish and install them. Contractor’s are able to minimally invest in the equipment necessary to “score & snap” these panels rather than than incurring the expensive fabrication costs of traditional materials. And because GPTP’s weigh less, it makes them easier to install, transport and handle, which saves on expenses for both the installer and the customer.

GPTP’s are available in many different visuals – the most popular of which are marble and other stone looks. Also very popular are industrial-inspired materials and oxidized metals, as well as ceramics and resins which have a more contemporary look.

These porcelain stoneware panels, like all porcelain tile products, offer exceptional performance in terms of being allergen free, fireproof, and easy to clean and maintenance, as well as being environmentally sustainable. There are no concerns of depleting natural resources as these large-format porcelain panels offer realistic stone-visuals that can be consistently produced in very large quantities. In addition, nearly all installation material companies are designing products specifically for the installation of large tile panels, as well as new tools to cut and move these materials.

For more information on GPTP’s or what is available from The Belknap White Group, visit our products page here. Or call your BWG Sales Representative.