Trendy Tuesday – Outdoor Spaces


BWG News   •   September 10, 2019


Trendy Tuesday – Summer may be ending, but there is still lots of time to use our outdoor spaces – or plan ahead for next year! There are now more options than ever available to extend living spaces to the outdoors. With the wide variety of porcelain tiles rated for exterior use, your customers are not limited in their design options.

When selecting tiles for a patio or outdoor living spaces, here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Weather Conditions: if your customer lives in an area with an extreme cycle of freezing and thawing (like here in the Northeast!), it’s important to choose a product that can withstand such temperature changes. Porcelain is quickly becoming a very popular option for such applications. Because porcelain is water-resistant and has a very low absorption rate, it is an ideal choice for most climates. It is also dense and strong and comes in slip-resistant finishes, all adding to it’s appeal.
  • Level of use: will it be the play space for a high-activity family with kids or a space for adults to unwind? Determining the usage will help to decide what product will work best.
  • Environment: choose tiles with colors and textures that will match the overall look of the property. An outdoor space should blend with the architectural design of the house as well as the current landscaping.

The Belknap White Group carries a large number of porcelain products that would be ideal for any outdoor setting, including the Outdoor Collection from Atlas Concorde. This collection offers a wide variety of current design trend options and effects to create the perfect outdoor oasis. The durability of porcelain offered in 20mm thick paving, allows it to stand up to all types of use and weather. In addition, it is extremely resistant to breaking loads; has high anti-slip properties; is salt-proof, weather-proof, frost-proof, fire-proof and acid-proof; as well as water, mold and pesticide resistant. You can choose from these collections: Brave, Dwell, Kone, KLIF, or Marvel Pro.

Learn more about the products available from BWG through the Outdoor Collection from Atlas Concorde here.



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