Trendy Tuesday – Chevron & Herringbone Pattern for Hardwood

BWG News   •   February 18, 2020

Trendy Tuesday – Patterned hardwood flooring options continue to make a huge impression on the hardwood flooring consumer. The resurgence of these classic, timeless patterns first introduced in the 16th century have now taken on a modern flair and are showing up in homes everywhere. Chevron and Herringbone patterns offer versatile, flexible design options that fit both traditional and modern styles. So what is the difference between Chevron and Herringbone?

Chevron: A chevron pattern consists of wood planks whose ends are cut on an angle so that they come together to form a straight line. When installed, this “zig zag” pattern can make a smaller room look bigger, especially when wider planks are used. It can also add dimension to a square room.

Herringbone: The “zig zag” pattern of a herringbone design differs slightly from the chevron in that the ends are staggered, so that the end of one plank meets the side of another and forms a 90 degree angle. Herringbone patterns made with longer planks are emerging as a hot design trend in flooring.

Both of these patterned options work well with both light and dark finish options and bring out the beauty in any room. Hardwood is traditionally warm and comfortable, natural and long-lasting, and with the addition of these patterned options – even more stylish than ever! Traditionally, installing a chevron or herringbone patterned hardwood floor was expensive because it took more time to install and required a high level of precision in the installation. With the introduction of modern technology, many manufacturers can now provide you with ready-made chevron and herringbone flooring boards, making it much easier to install and less expensive.  Consider using one of these patterns in an entire room or as part of the flooring area, depending on the look your customers want to achieve. The possibilities are endless. And of course, The Belknap White Group has a variety of products and options to help achieve any look!

Some terrific examples of products available through BWG include these gorgeous chevron patterns from Kahr’s and Mirage’s herringbone collection.

For more information on these products and products available from BWG, visit the product page of our website here or contact your BWG Sales Representative!